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Dr. Samuel Edwards Summer Health Internship Program

SHIP is a paid internship program for high school seniors who reside in Santa Paula, Fillmore, and Piru. In partnership with local medical clinics and local hospitals, the SHIP is an opportunity for students to experience medical professions in a realistic setting.

SHIP participants will explore the various fields in healthcare that are available for them to pursue. Additionally, the students also gain other life skills such as completing job applications, gathering letters of recommendation, interviewing selection, 
and customer service training. 


Selected students will be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, be current on all their vaccinations/boosters, and obtain a Tuberculosis test before the beginning of the program (typically the following week after school ends).


The students will be participating in an in-depth training before the program starts in the summer. Students will be able to attend roundtable lectures on aspects of wellness; participate in goal setting for the program; be expected to report, interview, communicate, file, agree to and demonstrate work ethic, workplace expectations, and dress codes; work with other participants in the program; attend SHIP recognition meetings and the Santa Clara Valley Wellness Foundation tea, program graduation reception, and all program expectations over the course of the program. 



The Summer Health Internship Applications are under review


SHIP class of 2021

Infant CPR Training


Dr. Samuel Edwards Summer Health Internship Program Class of 2019

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Allow us to continue this program through a donation. Your generosity can provide a unique experience and inspire students to continue their education in the health care field.

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